Hi, my name’s Danny and thanks for visiting my corner of the internet.  I hope you enjoy having a look and listen around. 

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They say that if you want to master something, you should teach it.  If that’s the case, Danny has taught Songwriting, Composition and Production for over 15 years at one of Europe’s leading music Conservatoires, but he still doesn’t think he’s mastered it.  He does want to share what he’s figured out, though.

Born and bred just outside of London and now pitching camp in Yorkshire in the UK, Danny is a songwriter/composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist who’s been writing and recording songs for a couple of decades now, but you’re much more likely to have heard his music than his name.

He’s rarely set any of his songs free into the world as an artist himself, but Danny has written plenty of music that’s been used on TV and in Film. You may have heard his music behind coverage of the Olympics, The Australian Open or The Masters, behind films, or behind prime-time TV dramas or major ad campaigns because Danny’s music is used on Radio and TV across the globe on an almost daily basis.

If you have encountered his music, it’s possible you didn’t really notice, and that’s fine with Danny. He’s never been one for the limelight. He started his musical career as a bass player; at the back of the stage where no-one was really looking, and where he could just enjoy playing without having to draw attention to himself. That’s where he’s happiest; making music, enjoying it as it appears, and then watching from a distance to see where it lands. 

As well as writing and producing instrumental music in his own name, Danny also spends a lot of his time collaborating with, and producing other artists across a range of genres. Writing songs has been a passion of his since he bagged himself a degree in Popular Music Studies back in the 90s, and he particularly loves it when someone with a better voice than him sings the songs he writes. Recent projects include working with Laura Oakes (UK Country) and Jemma Johnson (Alt. Pop) for example.

Danny talks about being generous with his work and ‘trying to capture music that will hold, reset and inspire people’.  He says that he’s always hoping to write and record music that people can ‘use’ from day to day as they get from A to B, and he’ll keep writing and producing even if no-one is listening. It’s just what he does.