‘A Perfect Day’

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It’s a brand new song from a brand new project and it’s popularity has taken us completely by surprise. The project name is REY, and the song is featured on a Universal Publishing Production Music release called ‘Cinematic Songs’ (which also features another song by Rey entitled ‘Days Like This’).  The folks at Universal are racing to make every song on the album available for download ASAP.  It should be available any day now...

The singers name is Liz Reynolds.


If you would like to hear the song now, then please click on the ‘Cinematic Song’ album cover above and you will find yourself at a SoundCloud page with 3 other songs on it. One of them by Rey, and the other two by Laura Oakes.

Rey doesn’t have it’s own website up and running yet, but will do very soon. Please sign up to the mailing list for more information.

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Utwor pochodzi z kolekcji 'Rey' i bedzie udostepniony na Itunes za pare dni.

Zapraszam rowniez na wysluchanie mojego nowego  EP ktore niedlugo rowniez bedzie udostepnione.

Jesli macie pytania na temat EP lub Reya prosze przeslac wiadomosc uzywajac formy ponizej.

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